Helping Clients Plan & Protect Their Financial Future and Traditions.

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—helping clients align their Financial Goals with their Faith, Family Values, and Traditions.

Retirement Planning


Financial Planning

Providing planning for Farms and Ranches, Small Businesses, Individuals, and families with tools and advice to continue the generational legacy and traditions founded and built on the sweat and hard work of the generations before them.

Our Goal is to Help You Preserve and Protect all that is dear to you and your family. Your Goals, Your Values. 

Call for your appointment today. 308-848-2595

Business Mobile & Text Messaging: 308-222-3585

Arnold's Office Hours are Monday through Friday. An appointment is recommended. I work with many Advisory and Planning Clients in several locations. However, I work every day and am closed on Holidays.

Office Phone: 308-848-2244

Business Mobile & Text: 308-409-6011

Click the "IN YOUR AREA" As described Below.

Under the "In Your Area" Tab on this site, you can see the days I am available for appointments in other cities or locations; these are by request only, and an appointment is required in advance. If I am not pre-booked out of the office, I am in the Arnold Offices and available for Appointments.

Advisory Services are offered through ECHO Financial LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of Nebraska. ( Paid by you or through your investment services.)

Insurance Products and Services are offered through ECHO PELSTER INSURANCE LLC, an affiliated Company. ( Paid By the insurance company issuing the policy on your behalf.)

If you choose both insurance and advisory services, depending on the plans you implement, you and the issuing insurance company may pay us.

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