Financial Planning Process












Financial Planning Process

Step 1: Call and Book your Discovery Meeting.  

Meeting 1: Your Discovery Interview:

  • At this first meeting, we will clarify your goal, establish a relationship, and implement a contract if appropriate; within the contract, we will outline the goals you wish to accomplish through the planning process.
  • Your goals should be Quantifiable, Achievable, Clear, and have a defined timeline. And they should be measurable.
  • Goals should be reviewed periodically to capture life’s changing circumstances and ensure they remain relevant.


Meeting 2: Step 2: Gathering Your Financial and Personal Information:

  • The financial planning process and its success will depend on the quality and clarity of the information communicated to your advisor; it is important to use current information and statements so your adviser can complete a detailed financial report through this fact-finding interview to capture all relevant information related to your current financial situation.  
  • Some of the things we will ask for are Income and expenditure. Assets and Liabilities, Risk attitude, Behavior Finance, Risk Tolerance, and Capacity Questionnaires.

Step 3: Analyzing your financial and personal information.

  • Your Financial Advisor reviews the information provided from your fact-finding session and uses it to produce a detailed report that reflects your current financial situation.
  • Once they have a clear picture of where you are currently, they will begin looking at solutions and strategies to align where you are currently to where you want to go, with a new strategy that aligns with your stated goals to get you on the path to make necessary changes to get you there.


STEP 4:  Meeting 3: Plan Presentation and Delivery.

  • At this meeting, we will share our findings with you. Our reports will reveal your current strengths and weaknesses; this is important because it allows us to show you where it will be important to make defined, informed decisions based on your personal or business situation.
  • This is also a time for education; we teach you about what we see and give you recommendations and strategies to help you solve and potentially change your outlook or enhance and make your strengths even more robust and advantageous.

STEP 5: Meeting 4: Plan Implementation.

A plan is just an idea until you act and implement it.

  • Some of the recommendations may need to be implemented right away, and others may be on a timeline going forward. We will share this timeline with you at plan delivery so you will know what to expect at your implementation meeting.
  • In some cases, I act as a coach to help you get the proper coverage you need, and in other cases, I may help you implement the plan, depending on your situation and desire.


STEP 6: Meetings as Needed. Monitoring and Updating your Plan.

  • Periodically, we will want to monitor your plan and review your plan for life changes, such as retirement, family death, new births, inheritance, weddings, and all of your life celebrations, keeping your goals relevant to these life changes, and we will want to measure and document your plan successes, concerning any investments we manage on your behalf, and implemented products we helped you with through the implementation process.
  • We also want to keep in touch with you, our client. Your success is our firm's greatest asset.
  • Remember, Financial Planning is a Dynamic and Ongoing Process.

Financial plans will be completed and delivered within ninety (90) days, contingent upon the timely delivery of all required documentation provided by you, the client.

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